12v Optical Switcher

12v Halloween Haunted House Precise Laser Optical Switcher

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This trigger is for every 12v product EXCEPT FOR the Water, Air and Shock Cannons.
The 12v Optical Trigger has a precision laser beam which switches effects up to 3Amps in power when the beam is broken. The trigger is easily mounted across from included reflector for precision switching.
The switcher comes with two labeled outputs, an A and a B. Once the switcher is triggered, it will shut the A effect off and turn effect B on. Once effect B's cycle completes(be it turning on different lights, firing an air cannon off, or a combination of both or different effects altogether), the switcher will turn B back off and then turn effect A back on.
The switcher is fully adjustable, allowing you to increase or decrease the length of time between when the switcher is tripped and the effect it is attached to is activated, how long the effect stays active, as well as how long it takes the switcher to reset and is able to be triggered again after activation.
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