Prop Jam'r 4C-HP

Four Channel High Power Prop Controller

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The next level in button programmable prop and display control, the PROP JAM'R 4C-HP brings you four channels of high power solid state sequence control combined with CD quality stereo audio. A simple, yet powerful feature set allows you to take full control of your next installation, at a price that will keep your budget under control.

The Prop Jam'r is perfect for...
• Point of purchase displays
• Holiday Props and Theme Control
• Trade Show displays
• Museum exhibits
• Interactive Displays
• Attention Grabbers
• And much, much more

• Powerful 32 bit microcontroller
• Crystal clear MP3 or WAV line level stereo audio
• On board 3w mini amp for small displays
• Cool, ultra-effecient DC/DC switching regulator
• Power supply reverse polarity protection
• Wide operating voltage range 6 - 24vDC
• On board inductive fly back voltage protection
• 32K sequence memory - up to 1M available
• Multiple ambient audio track capability
• 1 million+ record cycles - up to 200 year data retention
• Optically isolated trigger input
• Multiple trigger configurations - dry contact or powered
• Separate power and ground terminals for each channel
• Mode and output channel activity LEDs
• Program multiple units from one master with EZSync
• Non-volitile sequence, trigger delay and volume settings
• EZMount protective mounting plate included

Basic Operation & Recording a Trigger Sequence

Editing a Recorded Trigger Sequence

Using Audio with your Prop Jam'r

Setting Up & Using Timer Mode

How do I determine how big my power supply should be?

The PROP JAM'R uses the attached power supply to power itself AND the loads connected to the four outputs. The operating voltage can range from 6 to 24 volts DC. However, you should use the voltage that your connected devices will need (within this range). Most LED's, relays and solenoids are designed to work with 12 volts DC, so a 12 volt DC power supply will work great here. The PROP JAM'R itself draws anywhere from 20mA to 200mA (.02 amps to .2 amps) without any loads connected to the outputs.

The current requirements will depend completely on what you are trying to control. If you add up the current requirements of each device attached to each channel, that will be the total current your power supply should be able to provide. Each PROP JAM'R output can drive a maximum of 2 amps (2000mA) at 12 volts (1 amp at 24 volts). If you were to use the maximum allowed limit of 2 amps, then your power supply should be able to provide at least 8 amps, in case all 4 of your outputs are on at the same time. As a good design practice, you should size your power supply a bit larger than your maximum requirements as to not stress the power supply when it is under full load. At maximum capacity, a power supply capable of 12 volts at 10 amps will comfortably drive 8 amps worth of load.

Why doesn't the PROP JAM'R use a barrel jack connector for the power supply?

The PROP JAM'R can directly drive a total of up to 8 amps. Standard barrel jacks are rated to handle up to 5 amps. In order to use the full capacity of the 4 high power outputs, the unit uses screw terminals that can handle the higher currents. If your attached loads are less than 5 amps total and you want to use a power supply with a barrel jack connector, you can either cut the connector off and directly wire the power supply to the PROP JAM'R or you can use a barrel jack "pig tail" available on the order page.

I want to control large LEDs. How many WATTS can the outputs handle?

Each output on the PROP JAM'R can directly drive 24 watts at voltages of 6 to 24 volts.

Wattage is calculated by multiplying voltage and current. 24 watts equates to 12 volts at 2 amps, or 24 volts at 1 amp. Exceeding this limit will destroy your PROP JAM'R and is not covered under the warranty.

Why doesn't the PROP JAM'R use relays for the outputs?

The PROP JAM'R was designed with simplicity, flexibility and safety in mind. The 4 high power solid state outputs can directly drive many of the common loads typically used in display design, including LEDs, solenoids and actuators, using safe low voltage, without the use of relays. However, each output can easily drive large solid state and mechanical relays if your design has higher voltage or current requirements. This method keeps dangerous high voltages away from the unit and you.

What size speaker can I hook up to the LOW POWER SPEAKER connector?

The LOW POWER SPEAKER output is rated at 3 watts. This output can drive a small 4 or 8 ohm speaker. This can simply be used during the programming stage of set-up, or it can be used permanently in small displays where high volume sound is not needed. 3 watts does not seem like a lot of power, but it can drive a good sized bookshelf speaker to a fairly decent volume.

What are the dimensions of the EZMount base plate?

The EZMount base plate is ABS plastic and is 1/8" (.125") thick.

How can I control 110 volt AC lights?

The easiest way to control 110 volt AC loads is to use a solid state relay. These relays are optically isolated and can be directly connected to any of the outputs on the PROP JAM'R. Using this method will keep dangerous high voltage away from the controller and more importantly, you. High voltage AC CAN KILL YOU! Do not attempt to work with high voltage if you are not familiar with the dangers involved!

Can I use a normally closed switch for the trigger?

The PROP JAM'R can use normally open, normally closed and powered trigger sources. Refer to CHANGING INPUT TRIGGER TYPE in the PROP JAM'R user's manual.

How long can the trigger sequence be?

The standard PROP JAM'R comes with 32K of non volatile memory and will store a sequence of up to 6 minutes and 45 seconds (405 seconds) . Your sequence is recorded at a rate of 20 samples per second. Larger memory is available if needed.

Can I use batteries to run my PROP JAM'R?

The PROP JAM'R can run on virtually any source of DC power including batteries. The voltage must be between 6 and 24 volts. The current requirements depend greatly on how much power your connected loads require. We have seen controllers run on anything from a 9 volt battery to large car batteries.

If I disconnect power, will the PROP JAM'R remember my trigger sequence?

The PROP JAM'R uses non volatile memory to store your trigger sequence, volume, trigger delay and trigger type. This memory can store this for up to 200 years without a power source.

What cable do I use for EZSync?

EZSync uses a 3 conductor cable with a .1" pin pitch (standard RC servo cable). This cable is available at no cost to you. Just add one to your cart when ordering 2 or more PROP JAM'R units.

Typical Prop Jam'r Set Up

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