PA 70v Audio System

Professional grade audio system for your whole farm or themed attraction at a do-it-yourself price

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A PA audio system is an important part of any entertainment business, and will be an intregal part of your business for many reasons. Ambient music not only pleases your guests, but it has proven to increase sales and even keeps you and your employees in good spirits.

The PA system allows you to make an announcement over your whole property in case of an emergency, such as a lost child, or of an upcoming event happening soon, or even just letting your guests know you're closing soon is as easy as talking into the microphone.

These processes can even be automated for you from a great service like Neptune Radio. Along with music, Neptune will even broadcast messages from your sponsors or paid advertisements, allowing the system to not only pay for itself but make you money.


  1. The Amplifier
    You start with a professional grade 70v amplifier that offers 240 watts of power

  2. The Speaker Wire
    You'll need something to connect the amp to your speakers. We sell a high quality stranded, direct burial speaker wire which is built for a permanent installation. If you don't use our wire, we highly recommend you use at least an 18 gauge stranded wire

  3. The Speakers
    Adding speakers is the final piece of the puzzle. Determine how many you require by the area you're covering. Large outdoor areas require the larger 6.5" or 8" speakers, whereas the smaller 5.25" shine indoors.

The PA Audio System is made up of several components. The specifications for each component can be found on their respective product page:

Amplifier Product Page

Speaker Wire Product Page

Speakers Product Page


A PA system for your whole attraction doesn't have to break the bank, and doesn't take a professional to install.

First, find a safe and dry spot for your amplifier to go. Ideally it should be centrally located to where your speakers will be placed, to limit the amount of speaker wire you'll need.

Second, figure out where your speakers will be mounted. The ideal mounting location is on a telephone pole, 14' high. Refer to the photos below for mounting options

Third, wire up your speakers to your amplifier. It's as easy as connecting two wires. The red speaker wire will connect to the 70v termnal on the back of your amplifier, the black wire connects to the COM terminal on the back of your amplifier. After that, the black and red wires connect to the black and red terminals on your speakers. See photos below for how speakers can be wired together

Audio Placement Aerial Audio Placement Aerial

Using Google Maps is a great way to plan speaker placement along with how much wire you'll need. Click above photos to enlarge

Audio Placement Aerial Audio Placement Aerial Audio Placement Aerial

Speakers in a 70v system can be wired in any configuration. You can daisey-chain them together, or jump from one speaker to another. Your only limit is how much speaker wire you can fit into a terminal!

Download additional instructions here

How far up should I mount my speakers?

We recommend mounting speakers at least 12' high. They can be mounted lower, but should never be lower than 7'.

How long can a run of speaker wire be before I lose volume or quality?

There are many factors that effect the power loss from the source (amplifier) to the speaker, however to see any noticeable drop-off in volume, your installation would have to be miles long.
A single speaker connected to the amplifier can have a wire run of 2,000' before noticing any substantial volume drop. The more speakers that are on a single line, the more the volume will drop off at the speakers at the end of the line. You can combat that by lowering the wattage taps on the speakers closer to the amplifier, and turning the wattage taps higher on the speakers near the end of the line.
For the vast majority of our customers, power drop-off due to wire length will never be a worry.

Will I hear an echo from speakers across my property?

The only echo you will hear is from the time it takes sound to travel through the air. Unlike traditional audio set-ups, audio will leave the speakers of a 70v system at the same time even across great distances. This is why high voltage systems are used at large venues like Theme Parks and sports stadiums. Although it will take time for the sound to travel through the air, your message will play on all of the speakers over your property at the same time.

How many speakers can I use on one amplifier?

We use a 240 watt, 70v amplifier to power our PA Audio Systems. That means you have 240 watts of power to play with.
Each speaker we sell has their own 70v transformer tap on them, which sets the wattage the speaker will use (and will also increase or decrease their volume).
Using 6.5" speakers as an example, at their maximum setting of 40 watts, you can use a total of 6 speakers on one amplifier. If you set them one step down at 20 watts, you can then use 12 speakers on one amplifier; however, the speakers will operate at a lower volume.

What are these speaker taps you keep talking about?

Simply put, the speaker tap, or 70v transformer tap, is a setting on the speaker that determines how much power it will receive. A speaker mounted right next to a jump pillow doesn't need to be as loud as a speaker covering audio over a corn maze. So setting the tap on the jump pillow speaker lower, while setting the corn maze speaker higher is one way of controlling your audio levels.
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