Halloween Haunted House Professional Amplifier

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An all-purpose amplifier with 6-inputs, along with 3 separate microphone inputs. The level of each input is independantly adjustable.
Unit outputs 240w RMS at 8Ω or 70v. It will power up to (8)8" or 6"Speakers, or up to (10) 5-1/4" Speakers.
• 8-ohm and 70v
speaker outputs
• Dual RCA Inputs for AUX1 and AUX2
• Telephone and microphone priority paging• Dual RCA Outputs for LINE OUT
• Switchable phantom power on MIC1 input• Front panel control for each input, master volume, bass and treble
• LED Output level and
protection indicication
• 1/4" Inputs for MIC2 and MIC3
Model240w Amp120w Amp
Maximum Rated Power Output240 watts120 watts
Frequency Response50Hz ~ 16KHz50Hz ~ 16KHz
Line Output5dBV @ 600ohm5dBV @ 600ohm
Screw Terminal Speaker Taps4~16ohm / 70v / 100v4~16ohm / 70v / 100v
Front panel 1/4" MIC input5mV @ 600ohm5mV @ 600ohm
Rear panel 1/4"/XLR combination jack5mV @ 600ohm5mV @ 600ohm
Rear panel dual RCA AUX input350mV @ 10kohm350mV @ 10kohm
Rear panel screw terminal TEL input350mV @ 10kohm350mV @ 10kohm
Switchable phantom power48vDC48vDC
Power Requirements120vAC, 60Hz @ 340 watts120vAC, 60Hz @ 200 watts
Dimensions3.46" H x 19.06" W x 14.96" D3.46" H x 19.06" W x 11.93" D
Weight25 lbs.17 lbs.
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