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Target Audio Package Corn Cannon Paintball Targets

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The Target Audio System easily interfaces with your existing target attraction to add a new layer of fun and excitement to it! Simply mount our triggers to your targets and they'll start sounding off! The system comes pre-loaded with classic "Richochet" or "Barnyard Animal" audio. The triggers mount easily with supplied industrial strength adhesive, and the entire system is rated for outdoor use. Since the system is completely 12v DC, it can be run off of one of our power supplied, or a car battery if no outlet is nearby!
System Includes
  • (8) Triggering Devices
  • Industrial strength adhesive for each trigger
  • 1,000' direct burial speaker wire
  • 12v Amplifier
  • (2) 5-1/4" Indoor/Outdoor Speakers
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Cartoon Animals


"Cow-1" Horns dont work

"Cow-2" Moooody



"Goat" so baaaaaad

"Pig" porkchop!



Characters & Sound Effects

"Canned Applause"

"Country Boy" jump my truck

"Country Boy" sick em Duke

"Country Boy" swift kick where the sun dont shine

"Country Boy" broad side of a barn

"Easy One"

"Left Turn"

"Little Close"

"Yum yum" more more


"Scarecrow" knock the stuffin out of me

"Scram" you'll scare the critters

"Shoot something else"

"Shotgun Blast"


"Tractor Starting"

"Truck Backfiring"

"Wah waahh waaahhh" great when used with a manual trigger for when guests miss

"Winner winner chicken dinner"

"Winner Siren"

"You got it"

"Zombie" brains!

Realistic Animals











"Pig Squeal"

"Ricochet Bats"

"Ricochet Cat"



"Shotgun Bats"


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